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Hair Wizards Founders

Craig Black

The Hair Wizards Salon was founded by Craig Black in 1979 and joined by Dennis Dunford in 1981.

Because of their extensive knowledge and experience in the salon industry, Craig Black (left) and Dennis Dunford (right) have traveled the country and teaching educational classes for manufacturers of salon equipment, such as the computer imaging system for hair and low level laser therapy for hair. Craig and Dennis have conducted many one-on-one training sessions as well as presented educational classes at the worlds largest International Beauty Event in Orlando Florida.Dennis Dunford

While offering hands-on barber work in the salon, Craig and Dennis have also been national distributors for salon equipment manufacturers.

The original "Hair Wizards" bring their experience and knowledge back to Huntington to share their skills with the staff at their salon in Huntington. Craig and Dennis have had opportunities to meet and learn from the world’s leading stylists and have turned over the reins to the very capable people you will see in the Hair Wizards Salon today.  

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